B. Unique


A shy California native, Brenda (also known as "B" ) has always been extremely influenced by Rockstars. Dressing like the various stars of various music genres. B would find herself gaining confidence in social gatherings by wearing clothing that people would come up to her and ask about. Thus, opening up conversation. She felt like it was magic when she wore her jackets. After years of raising her son and being a part of the Bay Area music scene. She finally set out to fullfill her dream of designing magical jackets for anyone that had ever felt shy like her . " I hope people feel the magic I always felt when I had one on, people need to feel unique! " , "I always say , Don't underestimate the power of a jacket!" LOL

She studied fashion at Academy of Art University and then went onto volunteer a year of her time to work for Project Runways 14th season's, 4th place winner - Candice Cuoco.

She has been designing and encouraging people to be unique ever since...

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