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What Our Customers Have to Say

jane moore

Industry Expert

I was truly impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of the service. For a new and small business, they keep the ball rolling. Got to appreciate that.

Terese Lanobe


The customer service was awesome! Answered all my questions and qiuckly shipped my purchases. Even followed up. I really appreciated that.

I will be buying more pieces.

monica Duwall

Fashion Stylist

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was looking to find unique pieces for my celebrity client. I was impressed by the pricing. So I bought a few pieces. My client ended up liking them all. Now I will definitely will be coming back for myself as well as my other clients. Thank You B!

Candice Warner


The level of work this lady puts into these pieces is extroidinary! Hard to find anyhing of quality in jackets anymore. Seems like everything is made of plastic. I like having choices. Leather, Suede, denim... She has it all. Even vegan for those folks. I love my jacket!

Tammy Jones


I usually hate buying online. But these days it's just easier. I recieved exactly what I wanted. I'm glad that I have the only one out there in the world. Sick of seeing the same crap everywhere. Thanks!

Bridget Varga

Fashion Consultant

I work with alot of makeovers clients that just can't seem to put together outfits. Some of my clients have social issues or low self esteem. I heard from a friend that "B" (the designer) suffered from the same issues as well. Her story of feeling more confident when she would go to a social event in a statement piece jacket, warmed my heart. She said it gave her confidence because people would come up to her and ask about the piece. She said it was magical. And that's why she makes them for others. How awesome is that?! My clients feel the same. Thank you for spreading positive vibes. We need more designers like you in the world.